Is there any secret way to get out of temporary Facebook jail ?

When I was uploading a meme on Facebook , right where it says " uploading " it said you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action . Like what did I do wrong ? , I didn't do anything . I can't post or comment ... I don't think it was because of the funny meme I'm trying to post , it's not offensive in any way , can't be copyright , because I shared it directly from a meme page . Must've been something else , but like I said , I've done NOTHING wrong , I know the rules 😕 & I didn't get a notification , the way I knew was when it said " upload failed , you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action " it has been almost 48 hrs . I need help Any possible explanation ?


I didn't receive a notification saying what I did wrong and I don't even know how long it'll last 

Update 2:

If someone can tell me & if it works , I'll ca$h app you 100

2 Answers

  • 5 months ago

    The answer is no. Circumventing the temporary block is not advisable and will result in your account disabled. All you can do is patiently wait until the 48-hour block times itself out before publishing again.

  • 5 months ago


    Any doing anything to try and bypass any Facebook rules is likely to get you permanently banned.

    And ps. asking the same / similar question repeatedly on here is a violation of the rules of this site.

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