Will the 1990s ever be repeated in a future lifetime?

Will the 1990s ever be repeated? Honestly, the 1990s won’t be re-lived in our lifetime. To say the least that we will have very little social media where we have education where we have commercials that are retro like Curtis Mathes, Sam’s Club, HQ Home Quarters Hardware, Sears & Roebuck, Rock-Ola Cafe, and Toys R Us, as well as Super Poli Grip, etc., where we have things like BEST Products, as well as preschools in churches, as well as like American life in Ronald Reagan’s Administration where we have pop stars, where we take our kids to magical Disney World that we thought was at the time won’t be in our lifetime may be in 120 years from now maybe will have that, where we have “New Wave” People that bring video cameras with video tapes into places like the Mall, and into places like Gymnastics Class, where people have lives like “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and the Gong Show like sitcoms laughed at again, where the Pool has Kids Swimming with Birthday parties in the Pool’s Facility’s in Public under High Ceilings with Moms with Retro Cameras that look like they looked in 1994 like where they have Birthday Parties in Public like where Chuck-E-Cheese’s is a big deal, where kids learn, “Stop Drop and Roll,” while encountering firemen, where Garden Watering, and Serious School Education where Playground Roller Skates be relived with Homework, and After School Snack Time, as well as New Car Commercials? Will the 80s, and the early 90s be repeated in some distant lifetime?

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