Positive test and ultrasound? ?

I'll try to explain this in much detail. My last LMP was April 15, ended about the 19. April says my ovulation week started on the 22 (I don't know really, it wasn't two weeks apart because my body is dates are crazy). It last about a week. I started trying to conceive the 21, 26, and then the 3rd. I got 2 positive clear blue test on May 8 and 9. I went to the doctor on the 13 with a positive. 

On the 14, I saw my OB and it put me at about 4 weeks (from my LMP so I thought). They did an ultrasound but didn't see anything, not even a sac. Okay understandable. On May 28, I should've been 6 w 2 ds. I had my OB appointment with an ultrasound and they saw the gestational sac with no yolk or embryo. He did a trans-v u/s. He turned the sound on and we heard a heartbeat but he said he couldn't tell if it was mine or the baby. He told me to come back in a week. He did a urine and it was a strong positive. Now here's where I'm confused, yes I know I can conceive later and my ovulation could've been later, but how would I get a positive so early?

This is not my first pregnancy, I have 2 kids but this is weird. First nothing on the ultrasound to a gestational sac but no yolk or baby. I still feel morning sickness, feel pregnant but don't but it's not a bad "I don't feel pregnant". Could I still be earlier than I really thought? My pregnancy test date for the positive is just confusing me. That's so soon to get a positive. I'm kind of scared 😞

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  • 1 month ago

    I think you're looking at details in the wrong place.  As you know, an ovulation window is an estimate as is any conception date.  The exact date isn't relevant. Really.  Either you are pregnant or you are not.  Apparently you are.  

    The real questions and concerns, that you trying to rationalize away by concocting a later conception date, is that there may be something abnormal about the development of your fetus.  Again, either there is or there is not.  Right now, your OB/GYN is concerned enough with the ultrasound results to have to return in a week, but has not made any definitive diagnosis or prognosis.  Of course, that is scary and worrisome, but worrying isn't going to fix anything. All you can do is go forward taking care of yourself and following doctor's orders -- and see what comes up at the next visit.  

    Good luck.

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