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Does my best friend have an secret issue with me ?? ?

I love my best friend she is fun to be around and also have the sweetest parents and she’s also sweet. But sometimes she can get a little annoying it’s like my best friend is wishy washy one minute she’s awesome next minutes she’s not. One day me and my best friend was in her room she told me I have a beautiful big booty and how can she get a big booty like mines I just laughed then she start saying Mean things like oh never mind I wouldn’t want a big booty Anyways because I wouldn’t know what guys like me for I’m beautiful I don’t need a booty To be pretty. I kind of got offended because she’s basically judging me on my body That is not my fault. she’s basically saying I get men because of my booty. I get told By A lot people that I am really beautiful with a nice body and also A beautiful personality. Also one time I totally regret doing this me and my best friend had sex she was kissing on me. She started it first by saying how beautiful I am to her and how I have a beautiful body she start touching me first which I regret Then she confesses she likes women. The Next week After that happen she comes to My house Saying things like she turned straight she doesn’t like girls anymore She never liked girls and that’s nasty To her she started making me feel bad because we did have sex but she started it wtf I felt bad because she start saying these things after we had sex. I told her let’s leave it behind like it never happen because I regret it myself. What should I do ? 


Also now my best friend copy’s off everything I do. she copy’s how I laugh. Every time I tell her a life story she then makes her life story similar to mines but tries to make it even better. She’s so immature one time She start telling me things like she has a celebrity staking her she gets mad if the celebrity dates other women I told her he doesn’t know you it’s all in your head she gets very mad at me saying things like how you know he Really Is stalking me She think he’s obsessed with her.

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    it sounds like you two are quite young, and it also sounds like she's having issues with her identity. she's probably confused. which is fine, a lot of people are when they're younger. but it isn't okay for her to make you feel bad. if she is very persistent about being straight, then I would drop it and not bring it up with her, as it's probably something she needs to figure out herself - unless ofc it meant something to you and you need clarity. then in that case, although it might be hard, sit down with her and talk about it in an open manner - tell her you're not judging her and will always be her friend and there for her no matter how she feels about women or men.

    BUT, it still sounds like she's a bit the way that she is mean to you. i would tell her how it makes you feel, and if she doesn't stop or can't see that what sh eis doing is wrong, then drop her

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