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Regarding advantage 2 for kittens ? Can I use one bottle on 2 kittens ?

I have two 9 weeks old kittens that weight a little over 2 pounds ,I adopted them 5 days ago , they Had a lot of fleas, I bathed them and comb them twice , but still there are some fleas left , can I use only one bottle of advantage 2 ( which I already have) on the two kittens evenly , since the product is promoted for kittens between 2 and 5 pounds ? Or should I just buy more ? Thanks in advance ! 

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  • Laura
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    1 month ago

    No, you can't use this at all until you remove the other flea products on their skin. 

    Flea treatments are controlled poison.  If you use too much poison on the kitten's skin it will hurt them, causing them to need emergeny vet care if you want them to live. 

    Wash them with baby shampoo and use a flea comb.  Thoroughly wash the kitten and use the flea comb along with the soap to get them all off.  Yes it takes time and patience but that is the only safe option you have right now.  I recommend watching Kitten Lady's video on how to bathe a kitten, she goes over everything you need to know to bathe a kitten in a safe, stress free way, that still gets all of the fleas off. 

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  • The dosage is based on body weight, if 1 dose is rated to treat a pet up to 5 pounds it should be perfect for now to spread across 2 kittens who weigh only 4 pounds between them. There would be little point in buying more just now, but that stuff has to be applied monthly so with 2 kittens you are not going to get away with doing this on a regular basis as the kittens will quickly put on weight as they grow.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You should buy more because if you don't get rid of the fleas now, you are going to need more later anyway.

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