I think a girl I work with is being abused by her boyfriend, she’s islander?

This girl name E (won’t reveal her full name) started working at my job 2 months ago, the first week I saw her we didn’t interact until one day as I was loading the tables with plastic containers for her, we finally made eye contact, and it wasn’t a typical eye contact, it was like a desperate,urgent, and inviting can you help me type look and stare. It was literally out of the movies type look, I swear on everything. Keep in mind, she has a boyfriend, however, she tells me it’s her brother, which is not, because her instagram I see her and him affectionate together, and he drives the same car he picks her up in (2year relationship). This is what she does, she goes to the bathroom a lot like she’s texting him constantly, her bf gunned his engine as she left work when i said “damn” in a naive way as I stared at her booty as she got into his car. One time I showed obvious interest in her as she left work with him in his car, she suddenly was gone the whole week from work, but came back the next week saying “she was sick because a cat was in my bed which I was allergic too”... when we walk out of work together, many times her so called sister who picks her Up parks 2 minutes away, E excuse was “she’s running late to work” . her boyfriend was blowing the horn frantically at her as she was walking to his car from work as I was getting into the car. Then drove off (I saw as they drove off, he was yelling at her) next day she had an arm brace explaining she sprained her arm at work

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