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is my amp drawing to mycb power from my battary so my alternator cant keep up?

2019 durango gt awd, i think its a 180 or 220 amp alt, no dimming headlights or other dimming anything. 1000 watt amp 2 alpine type rs an i keep 2 12v fans running on the amp, 4 gauge wire to positive an neg on the amp direct from the battary on both, sometimes the voltmeter (stock built into console display) drops to 12.4 an then back up to 12.7 if im listening to the radio pre amp install it still would stay around 12.5-12.8, am i ruining my battary? Should i be concerned, if i have 180 amp alt an the cars using 140-150 an my subs are using 10 at the very most shouldnt i have more electrical power or am i just worrying?


my Sub****

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  • No, your alternator is high enough for a 1000 watt amplifier. You are getting no dimming lights.

    With the engine ON, it should be running at about 14.4 volts, NOT at 12.4...

    On 14.4, a 180 amp alt can power a 2000 watt amplifier and a 220 amp alt can power a 3000 watt amplifier.

    But you also NEED to realize that the alternator is also powering other things in your car. Like your daytime running lamps, nightlights, head unit, etc...

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  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should get a mechanic to check it out

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    If your engine is running with the voltage values, those voltages are very low.  Get a multimeter and check the voltage across the battery with the engine running at 1500 rpm and all loads on the Durango switched ON including the amps at your regular listening volume.  If voltage drops below 13.5 volts, your alternator could be dying or there is too much load on the alternator.  Get the alternator load tested at a shop with a carbon pile tester and get the current load on the car with the radio on.

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    • N2Audio
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      Alternators don't crank out rated current continuously.  Most of the time they're hovering 40-60%.  They ramp up output when the system's voltage drops below a pre-determined set point -- typically ~14v.  Running regularly in the 12's is strange.  I'd go some where for an elect. system test.

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