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Need help with my English?


I want to know how can I, have  a better/improve my  english 

I can understand the english writing and reading  but I can not understand the english when I want to listen the radio,and tv 

I am from Mexico 


What do you recommend to improve my English?


Note: i listen  songs in english american, british and australia because I like me much the english I am thinkng to learn more idioms 

I listen the song and I try to understand the letter and the write and I also sing the songs what I listen 

Update 2:

Note: I listen to songs in American, British and Australian English because I really like English, I am thinking of learning more languages

I listen to the song and I try to understand the lyrics and the writing and I also sing the songs that I listen to

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    maybe you should get a tutor to help you out

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