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Pros and cons of renting a bedroom?


Room vs studio?

Update 2:

is a room the same as a studio?

Update 3:

What’s it like to rent a room?

Update 4:

Do all rooms for rent have common areas?

Update 5:

Are they all shared living?

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    Pro:  you have somewhere to live 

            You live somewhere that you can afford

            Possible companionship new friends, contacts

    Con's (depend on where you live and your situation):

    *Lack of privacy especially if you can't put a lock on your door

    * Shared living spaces



    *Number of other possible renters

    *Cleaning responsibilities not being upheld by all involved

    I had a brother who rented a room for several years, a few years back, and he enjoyed it

    Updated 1 week ago:

    Room vs studio? >>>>> What about it?  I would totally get a studio over renting a room, personally, depending on if I/you can afford it.

    Updated 1 week ago:

    is a room the same as a studio? >>>>> No

    Updated 1 week ago:

    What’s it like to rent a room?   >>>>> Never done it

    Updated 7 days ago:

    Do all rooms for rent have common areas?   >>>> NO, it depends on if the owner/landlord lives there, how many people live there

    Updated 7 days ago:

    Are they all shared living? >>>> Same as above, in that it depends on who lives there, how things are set up

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    The "pro" is that its usually cheaper to rent a room than to rent an entire apartment

    The "con" is that you typically share common areas like kitchen and living room (and sometimes bathroom) with the homeowner or other tenants. In many cases you have no say in who comes & goes in those common areas, so the only private space you have is your bedroom.

    Another difference is size: Studio apartments are usually very small, whereas the places where you might rent a room are usually larger houses or apartments. You don't get as much private space but the common areas are usually larger so you have more total space (but most of it is shared). So this could be a pro or a con depending on your preferences and needs - if you prefer privacy the studio apartment is probably better, if you prefer lots of space and don't mind sharing that space then renting a room in a house with large common areas is probably better for you.

  • 4 months ago

    Pro - far cheaper than renting a place of your own, and generally includes all bills etc, so it's a flat price

    Cons - shared spaces (including kitchen, bathrooms etc)

    A room is literally that; a bedroom in a shared house / apartment.

    A studio flat is a small one-room self-contained apartment.

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