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Can I transport a small 80cc gasoline engine in airplane luggage?

Hey if someone can provide a good answer for me I appreciate the help. Do any of you work for airline companies and know if its ok to transport a small engine? I was thinking of getting one of those 80cc bicycle engine kits but shipping it to my destination is expensive so I was thinking of just throwing it in a suitcase and taking it with me. (International flight) Anyone know? It weighs like 40 lbs


possibly important detail, the engine is is brand new, never used so there is no concern of any gasoline vapors. Or even take it a step forward, what if its taken apart in pieces?

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    I am assuming you are traveling from or within the U.S. 

    Brand new... no fuel (i.e. never had fuel)... no problem. Transport it as baggage. Disassembly is unnecessary.

    See link:

    Source(s): Work part-time as a TSA officer (who have dealt with nitwits that had fully gassed leaf blowers.)
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    No. TSA does not allow any type of gasoline powered devices.  Most countries follow TSA guidelines.  You might be able to ship it through your airline as freight but you cannot bring it as your normal luggage.  Freight has to be properly packaged and engines must be treated with care.  

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    No you cant, even if the tank appears to be empty, there are still fumes in it which are dangerous. The only way would be to ship it freight, or find a company that will ship it over land for you. 

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    You can bring with you and 80 cc gasoline engine in the luggage you just have to make sure that there is no gasoline in the tank before you transport it

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