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Back pain with UTI - scared/need input?

I was diagnosed with a UTI on Monday. I was instructed to take just one pill (the evening dose) that day to avoid taking them too close together. Then I was instructed to start taking the pills twice a day starting today (morning and evening).

I have been taking them as directed (every 12 hours). I am just a little scared because my lower back is a bit sore. It isn't like a stabbing pain - more like a muscle pain. I started having the discomfort in my back the day before I went to the doctor. It went away for awhile Sunday night but then came back Monday afternoon and is still sore today.

Is that normal? I've never had a UTI before. I have heard that UTIs can spread to your kidneys and create even more serious issues. I was told I did have higher levels of protein in my urine sample but my doctor seemed pretty confident that I should be fine with the antibiotics. I was given a 10 day course and I have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks to retest and make sure the UTI is totally clear and hasn't tried to redevelop.

I'm just scared by the lower back discomfort. How long should it take to go away? Is it because it's spreading and attacking my kidneys or is lower back discomfort a normal side effect of a UTI?


I'm happy to say my back stopped hurting a couple days ago and hasn't hurt since.

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    Lower back achiness is pretty typical in a UTI--its where your bladder is. A kidney infection is pain up under your ribs in back, often fever, vomiting etc. So, no its not spreading and attacking your kidneys. However, call your prescriber, they may need to change the antibiotic, check if they ran a culture too.

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