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My neighbours toddler has been non-stop scream crying all day. Should I be concerned about it being neglected?

I live next to a family that don't speak much English (Keep in mind, I am not trying to be racist whatsoever, I always try to treat everyone equally) but they have a child who I'd say is between the age of 2 and 4 who has been screaming... I mean SCREAMING crying over and over again for the past week or two. Every 10-30 minutes it seems to go through this, and doesn't stop for a half hour, there was one occasion where it didn't stop for a good 2 hours. The parents never do anything to take care of the child when it is in this state, they just shout at it in a foreign language. The child's cries are seriously loud, should I be concerned that they could possibly be neglecting the child and is there anything I could do to ensure that this child's environment is safe enough for it?

I've lived next to childcare facilities before yet I've never heard a child scream like that for hours. It does it during the night also. I don't know much about this family and they don't talk to any of the other neighbours either.

I just want to know if there's anything I can do to confirm that this child is actually in a good environment, because from the sounds of it, it is anything but that.

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    Calling Child Welfare in your area will bring someone out to check on the child.

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    1 month ago


    Ya do realize that by age 3 most kid's 

    can actually speak their native tongue &

    so crying w/o an actual cause doesn't

    = abuse ??


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    You don't know anything about the child or the family except what you are observing. You don't know if that child may have a developmental disability or is on the autism spectrum (sometimes that means screaming for what seems like no reason). If you are worried about the child's safety and well-being, you can make a call to the child abuse hotline with your concerns and they will decide whether or not this warrants investigation. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Call children services and they can investigate

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