How can I apply to amazon? Indeed app? What company? Did you include a resume applying? How is the interview and hiring process?

applying in MIAMI, FL

1 Answer

  • Go to their website, go to their jobs / careers section and see if there's any thing you can apply for. When you're applying for a job on line, you fill out an application and or up load your resume. 

    Just to warn you, I've heard Amazon can be tough to work for. Specially if you want to work in their fulfillment, which is basically picking and packing. Their managers like to micromanage you and push you to go faster all the time. You also have to work when ever they schedule you to work. Also the pay may seam great, but you're not likely to get a high pay rate, unless you have some experience doing ware house work. By the way ware house work can be physically demanding. There's a lot of walking (in safety shoes which you will need to have to work there), climbing and some times lifting heavy objects. 

    I haven't worked for Amazon (and hope never to do so), but I currently have a job in a ware house. I can honestly say that I love my job and the company I work for, or I wouldn't have been there for 5 years. My work place interviewing process was pretty simple, they interviewed me once and i got the job about a week after my interview. After 5 years I'm still working there and still working during the pandemic. 

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