Can my employer take holiday entitlement of me after lockdown?

I work in a factory of 12 employees and my employer put the whole workforce on Furlough on March the 23rd. We have had 10 weeks off and we are some of us are now back to work,  because of the work down time during lockdown and that most of us have full holiday entitlement left, our emlpoyer has said that he is taking 1 of our our weeks holiday entitlement from us. He said he can do it but it is raising some questions from the workforce. Is it legal for him to do this? 

We all work full time and are all permanent. 

1 Answer

  • Lisa A
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    He should have had you take vacation, and paid you for that vacation before he furloughed you. (Because you can't collect vacation pay and unemployment at the same time.)

    I don't know of any state where and employer can just arbitrarily take your vacation days away from you without paying you for them. Check with the department of labor in your state.

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