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Smoked a lot of cigarettes for the first time, deep lung pain 2 days after?

I was at a party last weekend where I was drinking and a bunch of people were smoking Marlboro cigarettes. I honestly dont remember how many cigarettes I had, probably around 5 total. I deeply inhaled them because I was drinking and I am not a smoker at all. For the next 2 days my lungs have been hurting when I take a deep breath in. The pain is deep in my lungs almost towards my back and it radiates upwards to the front of my chest near my heart. Im a 27 year old female with prior history of mild asthma as a child. 

Can this lung pain be from those cigarettes?

Or do you think its something else?

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  • Alexa
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    1 month ago

    It's probably just soreness from the irritation it caused, happens to me when I smoke too many too, perhaps it's a divine sign to stop, but I wouldn't know. However, given the circumstances, be sure to check your temperature and monitor yourself. If you feel progressively dizzy or develop a (very) sore throat be sure to ring your doctor as they will be able to determine if you may have coronavirus or a respiratory infection.

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