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How loud was the Apollo LEM?

I heard from a channel call "Vintage Space" that the astronauts found it hard to sleep partially due to the loud life support systems.

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    Probably not very loud. Fans, pumps, relays clicking. Sleeping wasn't a problem.

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    Apollo 11 was only on the moon for 22 hours, Apollo 12 for 31 hours, Apollo 14 for 33.5 hours, Apollo 15 for 43 hours, Apollo 16 for 71 hours, and Apollo 17 for 75 hours.  Although I am sure the inside of the LEM was fairly noisy, the astronauts could easily have put on their helmets and closed their visor if they needed to sleep. 

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    No, sleeping in the lunar module was hard because they did not have seats or beds in the crew section. The astronauts were supported during transit and rest periods by a cable and pulley system, to save weight. If the crew could handle that, dealing with any background noise (that thay were already accustomed to) would be easy.

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    I wouldn't describe the Lunar Excursion Model

     But remember it was a machine that had a life support system installed

    Like a submarine or anything made to travel where humans don't usually go it would have the usual clicks and whirrs

     I like the Story of the Bang

    It would have hardly made much sense to Sleep on the Surface, besides Air would still be flowing

    Only one Meal was known to have been taken on the Moon

    Buzz Aldrin, a Devout Roman Catholic, smuggled a small biscuit and a tiny vail of wine and did a small Personal 

    Communion before descending the Ladder after Neil

    Attachment image
    Source(s): Buzz was his nickname given to him by his much younger sister who couldn't say Brother, called him Buzzer, and it stuck
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    I know there were  fans and pumps that cycled on & off, but I'm not sure of how loud it was...  There was one anecdote I read years ago about Apollo 14 - their LM landed at an angle - about 11 degrees, if I remember right - which was a concern. They were to land, perform an EVA, sleep, perform another EVA, then leave the moon…

    It took a long time to suit-up in the cramped interior of the LM, and after their first EVA, they’d decided to just try to sleep in their suits. Alan Shepard said, “So… we’re tired, and we’re trying to sleep in this cramped, noisy space… and the metal collar of my suit is digging into my neck, and I'm trying to doze off… And suddenly something went BANG! My first thought was, ‘great, the LM’s going to topple over…’ and I’m producing adrenalin like crazy, and I whisper, “Hey Ed - you hear that?”

    “And, Ed on the floor below me whispers back, ‘Yeah, I heard it!”

    “And we both started laughing… here we were, two grown men on the surface of the moon - and we’re *whispering*!”

    As it turns out, there was a vent that normally opened and closed gently that *slammed* closed due to their tilt.

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