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Why was the truck driver arrested?

He was doing his job, in a lawful manner driving on the interstate, when he comes into a mob of rioters blocking the highway illegally. He slows down and keeps driving. They could choose to move or get run over. Some of them stupidly chose to get run over. The rioters were in violation of the law. All interstate freeways are clearly marked no pedestrians allowed, yet they chose to break the law simply because they were "angry". Why does the mobs right to "protest" supercede the rights of the rest of us? The driver had the right to travel on the freeways and earn his living, until suddenly he finds himself in an angry mob illegally blocking an interstate. Why weren't the actual lawbreakers arrested.

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    I don't know enough of the incident or of the law . But I would like to say this , when the protesting/riots were happening in calif ,after the King trial, a man named Denny (he aparently did not know what was happening) was driving a big truck right through the people , and he decided to stop. When he did , the ones protesting ....(it was horrifying I saw it live on tv,) they pulled Denny from his truck and beat him so bad , i was safe in my home and i was screaming and crying, it truly was one of, if not the worst, most scary thing ive eve seen in my life. 

    After watching poor Rodney King get beat over and over...for so many days that was all i saw on every channel....and then to see that man pulled from his truck and viciously beaten , (he lived but had a long battle and was never the same ,i dont know if he is still with us) i thought I might go insane from knowing the brutality of humans . But i will say one thing ....NEVER WOULD I STOP FOR ANYONE UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES. I without a doubt would be praying i am safe and that everyone else is as well but i would not stop, nor could I blame anyone for not stopping after I saw and heard of what they did to Denny. 

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    You make no sense. If a frat party spills into the street after the big football game or whatever, that does not mean motorists get to drive over the frat boys because they should not be drinking in the middle of the road. 

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    The argument is similar to arresting someone that kills in self defense. At least pending further investigation, it isn't necessarily clear the driver's actions are justified. Until the people on the road actually threaten the safety of the driver, or at least the truck itself, running someone over isn't LEGALLY justified.

    Note: I tend to agree a driver SHOULD be allowed to proceed slowly and if so called protesters don't get out of the way, they are responsible for the results, but this answer is about LAW, not what either of us thinks is right.

    Update to comment: You REFUSE to understand my answer. I ALREADY addressed why your comment is IRRELEVANT.

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    Using your logic, can I run over a pedestrian who crosses outside the crosswalk?

    Curious where you went to law school or took your Police training.  Mine is in Pennsylvania.

    EDIT:  Using your logic - no pedestrian walkways marked on interstates - I can run over pedestrians on Interstates?  You are, aware, of course that charges have been deferred pending a thorough investigation, right?

    I wasn't aware that driving through ANY crowd anywhere is operating a vehicle in a lawful manner.  Which Country/State's law are you quoting?

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    He also had a choice. He chose to continue regardless of whether people would be maimed or killed. 


    The OTHER "real" lawbreakers should be arrested. But their crime is not lawfully punishable by death in any state.


    Like many other proponents of "law and order," you seem to have little regard for either law or order.

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    Well supposedly he ran over the protesters.  Or so how the story goes at least.

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    i was wondering the same thing, but they said the truck driver was wrong because he was going close to 70 mph

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    He was driving at speed through a crowd of protesters. The only reasom he stopped is because one brave fool threw himself down in front of his path. If you watxh the cideo he comes to a to at very quickly as he applies the brakes and stops just inches before running over the prone protester. The crowd then swarms upon the truck in anger as would be expected. 

    Nice spin.

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    Being in a truck doesn't give you the right to run anyone over under any circumstance. Hope  that clears that one up for you

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    the freeway might have been closed, the speed unsafe.. any number of issues. Are you a lawyer?

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