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Can people with coronavirus not have respiratory problems?

I don’t have any respiratory problems but I had a high fever. I think it’s because of the food I ate which gave me diarrhea and stomach cramps and blood when I use the restroom. 

I went to the hospital to ensure it wasn’t covid but they couldn’t test me. They did do an x ray and my lungs worked fine.

My only problem is my stomach which happened immediately after I ate what I believe to be food poisoning. I’ve never heard anyone with corona virus complain about only their stomach hurting and going to the bathroom every so often. 

I get tested for sure on tomorrow but I want to know what ppl think or ppl who have tested positive would like to say (or ppl who have eaten bad food) have to say. 

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  • 5 months ago

    Everyone who has had or who currently has corona virus has different symptoms.  Every individual is different. Some have minimal symptoms.  Others have a full-blown mess. 

    I have a friend who thinks she had it, but didn't have horrible symptoms but she was six for six weeks. She hasn't had an antibody test, but if she does, she will know whether she had the virus or if it was something else.

    If you're curious about this, talk with a doctor. My friend never did, but if i were her?  I would have had that antibody test, just out of curiosity.  

  • kelvin
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    5 months ago

    you still don't have Covid-19

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    People who think they might have it should go get tested and not ridiculously and impossibly try to self-diagnose by asking questions on Y!A.

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