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Can we teleport using entangled quantum?

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    We are still on a learning Curve

    Remember it was an Idea put forward by the Late Great Steven Hawking

    Nice if it worked

     Why travel that far when we could communicate with them ?

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    The standard method used in fiction is via a magic spell, or the favors of a Fairy Godmother. But for those who prefer their miracles to be couched in technobabble: "entangled quantum" is an appropriate phrase.

  • cosmo
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    4 months ago

    Quantum entanglement does not allow you to send a signal faster-than-light.  It seems as if it ought to, but it doesn't.  Teleportation would involve sending information, so sending it by quantum entanglement won't work.

    What might work (i.e. not impossible) is to completely measure enough about your brain to allow a duplicate to be made.  That information could be transmitted the usual way, at the speed of light, and then used to re-create you at the other end.

  • neb
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    4 months ago

    Depends on your definition.

    So called quantum teleportation does not physically transport a particle from one point to another point. You still have to physically transport one of the entangled particles. What you do transport through entanglement is the quantum state of one of the particles (and SOME of the information still has to be transported through normal physical channels). So, at the end of the process, the particle that you had to physically transport initially will be an exact duplicate of the other particle.

    The above process destroys the quantum state of the original particle consistent with the ‘no-cloning’ theorem of quantum mechanics.

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  • ANDY
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    4 months ago

    First, let's get to have an idea what entangled quantum is all about. Particles are usually acting alone, each having its own course and destination. But at times, there are particles that come into being "together". These will stay "entangled" regardless of the distance that separate them. The only difference is that one will have a spin different from the other.

    Note that the term "spin" does not necessarily derive from the verb "to spin", but is used merely to indicate an opposite diversity─so we can also say different color, different aspect, but always the opposite.

    Teleport is sci-fi materials. But then, who are we to decide that some time in the future teleport could not become a reality? Think of where we arrived today with all the incredible, I'd say revolutionary, advanced technology.


  • Zirp
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    4 months ago

    probably not 

  • 4 months ago

    Well, that would *duplicate* you somewhere else, right? So... at the end, you're still where you are, but your new twin is enjoying a stay in Tahiti...  

    That just doesn't seem right. 

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