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Hip pain from running?

I was really for last summer and basically ran a 5k everyday. I stopped and was thinking about picking running up again so I went out yesterday and ran 3 miles. Woke up today to bad hip pain on my left side and I’m limping everywhere. Could I have strained my hip? This shouldn’t be a age problem too since I’m in my teens.

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    Did you warm up before your run and cool down/stretch afterward? Were the shoes you ran in worn/old? What kind of surface did you run on? "Strain" is a general term, and where in your hip you feel the pain also matters. There are variables, but you're right in that someone who used to run regularly shouldn't experience significant pain after a 3 mile run. You posted a day ago, so if the pain is still with you, that could be an indication of injury versus just sore after your run. 

    If the pain doesn't go away quickly or gets worse, see a doctor. If it goes away, address the issues I mentioned (warm up before running, cool down and stretch after running, don't run in worn out running shoes, and avoid running on concrete. If you can run on a rubberized track for your next run and so so without pain, then try a run in your neighborhood on the asphalt next and see if you have pain. That'll give you an idea of if the surface you're running on is part of the problem. 

    Here's an article on hip pain from running.

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    Sounds like an injury.  You might have to stop running until it heals. 

    It's common for beginning runners to be injured at some time in the first 10 weeks or so of training. But, an injury after the first 3 miles is unusual.

    I suggest you consult your physician or sports medicine. 

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    You stopped, which means starting up again is going to be a couple of weeks of pain while things adjust and you get back in shape. If you can, you may be able to just push through it. If you can't, Ice, rest, profession and that routine.

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    How long did you stop for ?  Sometimes you gotta start up slow or you get a strain. That should clear up with a bit of rest.  And stretch !!

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