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Feeling insecure about my breast size? How to grow them naturally?

I'm 22 and I've had pcos since I was 17 and I feel like this had an impact on my breast size due to the imbalance of hormones, people say I've a pretty face. But I feel insecure cause I'm an A cup but not only do I have small boobs, I also have small flat nipples that only protrude when aroused/cold.. 

I feel very insecure about it cause I don't feel like this is a female shape.. and I'm worried my bf won't like them cause most guys love big boobs.. 

I want to either enlarge them naturally or keep my nipples protruded all the time.. can someone please help? 

And I've tried to love the way they look for years and be happy with what I have but it didn't work and I feel very insecure..

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    I’m 26, 27 in August, and a B. I know you want bigger, but think about the pain that comes with it depending how big. I’ve known people who have back pain from their large chests. I’m comfortable with my average breasts and my husband likes them just the way they are. As he put it, “ it doesn’t matter how big they are.” If you really want to try to make them bigger I saw on the internet that massaging each one for 5 minutes each, each day, could make them bigger. I don’t know if this actually works. You need to love your body first, then if your bf isn’t ok with it that’s on him and he’s missing out on a kick as person. It’s more about personality than looks, because looks fade. My husband and I fell in love with each other’s minds, not body’s. We’ve been married almost 2 years, together almost 6, and because I’m a survivor of sexual assault this week was the first time I was fully vulnerable and let him see me naked. I’m still a virgin. He loves me enough to wait until I feel comfortable and ready. 

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    Boobs matter.  A is the smallest size there is.  DD is average in the USA.  So what it is 2020 and we know exactly what types of hormones make breasts grow.  Tens of millions of women successfully use pills, creams, diet or exercise to enhance their breasts.  Do that..... Most women just cry and complain - don't do that.  It is tough with doing it natural.  It can take over a year.  My girl went from a C to a DD in about 15 months with cream 4x and pill 3x

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    I’m 22 and also an A cup. I used to feel like you do, but I’ve learnt to love my body. 

    If it’s an issue for your boyfriend then get a new boyfriend.. 

    Mine loves my small boobs and tells me quite often lol.

    Life’s too short to worry about this but I understand how you feel, I was insecure throughout my teens due to my breast size especially because all my friends had bigger boobs.

    It really doesn’t matter and the right boyfriend will love you and your boobs, no matter what size they are :) I hope you can learn to love your figure and own it :)

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    We will send someone over to help stimulate your nipples.

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    You are who you are and you need to except that.Small boobs are not a big deal and most guys  don't really care.

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