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females only: is this a hormonal imbalance?

I got my hormones tested a year ago and they were pretty much in the normal range, but I'm still not convinced.. I'm 17, and some of these symptoms really bother me.  

- acne (for the past two years I've had a butterfly-like rash)

- several stray dark hairs below my chin

- greasy face and hair

- dandruff/dry scalp

- (this is super awkward) but hair on my nipples - black, wiry

- stray chest hairs

- excess (it seems) pubic hair 

- I've always had a slightly rounder belly

- irregular periods (get it 7-10 times a year; I've had my period for almost 5 years)

- I've always seemed to have a low libido (idk but this year it's been frustrating me! I'm straight, virgin, never had a boyfriend tho) 

- never really have gotten aroused - just butterflies when see my crush (I do masturbate-just started and it's ok)

- sometimes I have low self esteem and want to lose weight

- sometimes get hot flashes (idk could be imagining this) 

However, I do exercise a lot and eat healthy. I'm not overweight. 5'3" and 130, but it's mostly muscle. 

Could some these be contributing to my low libido? Am I worrying for nothing? Please help.  


forgot to add: 

- I have a lot of discharge (sometimes think and mucousy)

- my periods last 6 days. 1-4 days are the worst. the longer I go without one, the worse the cramps are and the heavier the bleeding is.

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    1 month ago

    I agree with the first answer.  You need to see a gynecologist again ASAP.  This has all the signs of PCOS, but you won't know until the doctor runs specific tests.  take care.

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  • 1 month ago

    this is a question for your gynocologist but you kind of just described me. I was at the doctors office once due to extremely heavy periods and he told me I had PCOS,  probably never have children....he was a new doctor and didn't know I already had 4 kids, in 6 years..for me fertility wasnt an issue.  I suggest that PCOS is what you may have but its early days yet...check out this link that kind of describes it...  AND remember, not everyone has all the symptoms. I didn't and neither does my neice who also has PCOS.

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