Can I use Sony's WH-1000XM3 headphones with a wire?

Can I plug them into my laptop with a cable, if so does it come with the headphones?

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  • 5 months ago
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    I've bought the model you mention about 1 year ago.

    It comes with a compact headphone case which also includes a 1m cable (3.5 jack to 3.5 jack), a charging cable (USB-A to USB-C) and a wall charger (which I never used). It is unfortunate that the cable isn't longer though and it is also not braided.

    There are 2 differences when using the cable (vs using bluetooth)

     • The battery lasts longer, since the device it is connected to provides some power and the headphones don't have to listen for any bluetooth signal. Note that I say it lasts longer, and not indefinite. The headphones have 2 modes while they're plugged in: on and off. In off mode, they function just like any regular headphones (this mode is indeed indefinite). If you turn them on, you get to use the noise canceling feature, which consumes battery.

    • The audio is different. I haven't noticed any dealbreaker quality loss over bluetooth, but while plugged in, the volume goes way up (like twice as loud). This isn't to say bluetooth mode can't blast your ears off at max volume.

    One major complain: you can't switch between plugged mode and bluetooth seamlessly. Let's say you are plugged in with the headphones turned on, but you want to go to the bathroom and still listen to a podcast. What you'd have to do is pull the cord out of your headphones, which immediately turns them off, then you have to turn them on (which takes like 3 whole seconds) and finally connect them to bluetooth (which might take another 5-10s depending on how fast you are to bring up the settings page and press connect to the device).

    This model was definitely designed as wireless first, with the cord option added out of respect, not as a main feature. This is especially true since the batteries (in full bluetooth mode) last 16h even after a year (daily driven, might I add)

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