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Is googleemail a thing?

I accidentally sent someone an email to googleemail rather than googlemail and I wanted to know if this will be received or not as the email has a voucher on it for their birthday. I know gmail and googlemail are the same so I was wondering if the person will get the email via googleemail or not

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  • opurt
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    4 months ago

    Short answer, no they won't get the email. The good news is that nobody else will either.

    Google actually owns the "" domain, but it's not set up to handle email; it's there mainly so that a domain squatter or other malicious person doesn't get it and try to fake being Gmail. The mail that was sent with the code in it should eventually just bounce as a failed delivery.

    You'd need to contact wherever you bought the code from and get them to change the email address its sent to.

  • 4 months ago

    No.  If you misspell the email address it is not going to get to the person you sent it to.  Now, websties can have "aliases".  That is, they can register names that are similar to the real name and that people may accidently type.  That is why "gmail" and "googlemail" will both work.  "Googlemail" is set up to direct anything that comes to it to "gamil."  But I doubt that enough people type "googleemail" for Google to have registered that name.  They have to pay a fee every year for every name they have registered.  

    Resend the voucher to the right email address.  If they do end up with two copies, we cares.  They will only be able to use one of them.  So just resend it to the right email. 

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