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HR told me not to go to work anymore?

HR told me not to go to work anymore. They say they will cover my shifts and let my manager know. They are doing an investigation. Are they going to fire me? 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I’d say that depends on the outcome of the investigation.

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  • 1 month ago

    HR would not send you home and tell you you may not work until an investigation is completed unless there has been a SERIOUS complaint or INFRACTION of the company policy.

    In my company, we only do this when there is an 80% chance or better that our 'investigation' is going to turn up something we do not want at our company.

    For example May and June were hired on the same day for the same department at SUMMER CORP:

    #1  May complains that June 'touches her desk' when she walks by.  That is trivial and we will tell May to nicely ask June to stop touching her desk. We will not speak with June.

    #2 May complains that June always stops at her desk and goes through her papers to see what projects she is doing.  We call June in to the office and tell her that she must not go through papers on other people's desk and that we do  not want to hear that complaint again.

    #3 May complains that June went to her desk, sat down, went through her papers, searched her drawers and then sent off a bunch of angry emails from May's account to customers and has been following her into the bathroom to tell her how badly she is doing her job....We talk to June and put her on unpaid administrative leave (she does not have to come in or call) until we can contact the customers and see how much damage has been done. Chances are we will decide that June is a liability and will start the search for a person to replace her.

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  • Judy
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    1 month ago

    depends on what the investigation shows.  If you did whatever they are investigating, very likely

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  • 1 month ago

    Probably.  If the investigation proved whatever's been claimed against you you'll be terminated.  What did you do?

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