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Tips on recording vocals?

How should I reduce sibilance while recording? The sss sound.

I'm using those dome sort of things around the microphone that reduces sound echoing into it. My room isn't ideal for recording but I've put thick blankets on the furniture and there is a carpet under the microphone stand. I use a pop filter and a microphone holder.

 I've tried turning the mic slightly away, singing next to the mic. I tried different ways of singing when there's a word with s in it, but this is difficult and sounds rather odd.

 I use a condenser microphone, is that the problem? Or maybe my crooked teeth?

I'm mostly concerned with the sss sound but any tips on recording clearer sounds is appreciated.


Obi Wan Knievel, thanks so much!!!

I've tried 2) already, but I haven't thought of 1) & 3).

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    You want to work on softening the SSS sound. There are a couple of techniques that might work, and they don't involve dampening reverberation. 

    1) Whenever possible, pronounce the S like more of a Z.  

    2) Practice the S sound with your tongue further away from the roof of your mouth.  Repositioning your tongue is a lot easier than reducing the wind speed.

    3)  If neither of those work, pretend you have a slight lisp.  Seriously.

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