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Running shoes for distance runner who forefoot strikes and under-pronates?

I am looking to purchase a new pair of running shoes. I typically run between 45 and 50 miles per week. I have high arches and forefoot strike (my heels almost never hit the ground). I also under-pronate, as indicated by the wear-pattern in my current running shoes: the outer soles, particularly in the front portion of the shoe, are the most worn. I typically buy Asics Gel-Cumulus, but am wondering if there is a better option out there. I have also tried the Asics GT-1000 which seemed to wear better, but I don't find them very comfortable. Because I run so much and shoes are only good for so many miles, I am not looking for an expensive pair of shoes. Thanks!

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    If at all possible, you really need to go to a running store and let them gait test you, to see what type of shoe you need, and then they'll suggest an appropriate model (or more) in various brands for you to try out. If that's not something you can or are willing to do, the link below lists some shoes that are made for under-pronators. 

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