Which countries are threatening Israel?

Which countries are threatening Israel?

Which countries are friends, and are there any bordering nations who wish to maintain a neutral relationship?

Give a description of the fighting on the West Bank -- who is involved and what is their reason for fighting?

Finally, conclude with a final paragraph explaining whether Israel has lost or gained ground within the past twenty years -- geographically, is Israel larger or smaller than she was twenty years ago?

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  • All the world is threatening Israel, this is why they want to destroy the world.

    Stop Iran, Stop Saudi Arabia, Stop Israel, Stop WW3

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    So, in other words, you want us to do your homework.

    All I'll do for now is point out the following (for your last question):

    The last time Israel gained any territory was in 1967.

    Since then, Israel has:

    Withdrawn from the Sinai

    Withdrawn from Gaza

    Given the Palestinian Authority a degree of autonomy in certain areas in the West Bank.

    As a general note: While it is true that existing settlements have grown in the past 25 years, hardly any new settlements have been created since the start of the peace process.

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    Cites 'Understanding Israeli-Palestine conflict: a primer' by Bennis the

    Popular media in the United States has been sold the myth that Israel is the victim in this conflict and is only defending itself against its hostile neighbors. The best scholars of Middle East history have unequivocally refuted this myth. In addition, the current events in Palestine also dispel and shatter this insidious myth. However, this myth (and others) has been used to perpetuate the hostilities and fuel the violence with Palestinians. Understanding the intricate and subtle aspects of the shallow roots of this myth and seeing how it is used to influence public opinion will help the American public to be more critical consumers of propaganda. It must be emphasized that criticizing Israel’s policies and practices is not the same as criticizing Judaism. Making this connection is tantamount to saying that criticizing the policies of the United States government is like criticizing Christianity. We understand how ridiculous that sounds. Unfortunately, some well-meaning but misinformed people use this emotionally packed and ignorant retort to silence any criticism of Israel’s behavior, no matter how egregious those behaviors might be. People who work for justice and desire peace between Zionists and Palestinians must withstand those ill-intended efforts to obfuscate the reality of the situation. The myth must be held under the light of truth. Examining the behavior of the nation of Israel, through the critical lenses of history and justice will be a great service to Israel. It is a relatively young nation, and is trying to mature into a contributing member of the world’s family of nations. Israel must be held to the same standards of conduct that all other nations follow. It is our responsibility to hold Israel’s relationships with it neighbors under the glaring light of history and justice. We can do no less for those who want peace through justice in  Palestine. 

    -  No Country is friend with the Zionist state, they are all terrorized by the heavy media streams that victimizes the last Apartheid on earth.

    - There is no fight in the west bank, there is only one side killing and ethnic cleansing the remaining population, they want them to leave and continue their invasion from the Nile to the Euphrates.

    - In conclusion, the Zionist state is gaining territories on a daily basis, the UN is tired by sending warnings to the illegal governments of the illegal state telling them that all the settlements in the west bank are illegal , but nobody cares, a bandit country does not fear authority, remind me (if we are still alive) what will be the reason of World war 3, "Israel".

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