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How much is it to run a house or flat for one person?

Hey i wonder how much it would be to run a house or flat for one person per month. If i am on £1,717 per month so £12 per hour for 40 hours, could i pay all bill including food, cleaning produce, body products (shampoo,wash,under arm spray) and car? 


Or how much would it be if me and my sister share bill payments 

Update 2:

So say rent between 425-450 per month then i have free wifi that comes with that in a flat that i look at. I am on £12 per hour and do 40 hours a week. So month that leaves me with £1,717 per month after tax 

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    Your question is almost impossible to answer. You haven't mentioned how much rent you will be paying. If the rent is £1200, then that only leaves you £500 to pay bills and run a car. In which case you will struggle.

    To give you an idea... I live alone in a two bed house and these are my approx bills each month:

    Mortgage - £0

    Council tax £110 including single person discount

    Gas /electric - 60

    Water 23 a month

    TV Licence 144 a year

    Buildings and contents insurance

    Sky TV and internet

    On top of that you obviously need food, phone and car / transport costs.

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    It depends on the rent, on how much your car costs to run, and any other fixed costs you have in place (eg internet, phone etc)

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    Landlords expect you to earn at least x3 what the rent is, so potentially you could rent a place up to £570 per month, that leaves you enough to pay your other bills. Electric, gas, water cost would depend on what you use, CT depends on local charge, then you have telephone/internet, TV licence, all before you purchase food or cleaning products.... and before you even look for a place you will need to save up at the very least three months rent payment  for the deposit and 1st months rent which has to be paid before you even get the keys leaving enough money to set up utilities/buy food etc

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    In the US the general rule of thumb is that you shouldn't be paying more than one-third of your income in rent (one-fourth is ideal).  If you keep your rent to one-third or less you shouldn't have a problem meeting other financial obligations.

    That one-third rule doesn't change when you have a roommate.  Having a roommate just means that you have more to spend on things other than rent.`

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