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It is possible for me to win the Nobel of literature ?

I just write fantasy

And i didn't notice any fantasy writer win this prize... 

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  • Zac Z
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    4 months ago

    Possible? Sure. If the Committee is sufficiently impressed by your writing anything possible.

    Likely? No. The literary world doesn't have a very high regard for genre fiction. Frankly, I don't care. I find that in almost every case I try my luck with Literature I'm bored and disappointed. I want to read a good story and Literature doesn't care much for a good story. (I had an epiphany once when I was again annoyed by a review of a book in some newspaper that basically spoiled the entire plot of the book: the reviewer doesn't care for the plot! Because for them, plot is secondary at best. That's why they don't think it's a big deal to put spoilers in their reviews.)

    That said, there have been very few authors that did write genre fiction but none of them, if I am not mistaken, got the Nobel because of that but rather for other reasons:

    Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle Books that one could see as fantasy novels; Selma Lagerlöf wrote "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" which would be classified as YA fantasy today. There are also Doris Lessing and Ishiguro Kazuo whose work includes science fiction novels - not fantasy but hey, better than nothing!

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