BIG BUGS with basic Yahoo email?

Multiple Bugs yahoo email (basic version). 

1.  Yahoo email complains about my adblocker.  I've been using adblockers for over 20 years.  I decline and just want to read my email.  Then it takes me to basic email and loses my place.  So this flow it way messed up.    Why can't I just logon to basic email to begin with and skip all that complaining about my adblocker?\

2.  HUGE BUG:  When I send an email with the basic version... it sends.  Then start reading other emails, deleting them.... then all of a sudden, it takes me back to the email I just sent.  Any work I had done after the sending the email is gone.  You need to fix this.  I don't need to be returned to an email I just sent.  DUH!  Where is the work I just did? 

3.  You already know it doesn't play nice with IOS email and calendar.  When is that going to be fixed?

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