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ANTIFA now going into residential neighborhoods and setting homes on fire?

When will it stop

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  • 1 month ago

    They also burned a homeless person's mattress and bag of stuff.  Get firearms to protect your property ASAP!  These Marxist-Leninists are coming for you next.

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  • 1 month ago

    Why did trump blame Antifa?  

    1)  They can't fight back they have no organization or spokesperson, Trump doesn't like people who can fight back.

    2)  Many Antifa affiliated individuals are white.  Because of that, Trump feels he will get less push-back for making protesters and not injustice the real enemy.  

    3)  Some antifa members are black, so his racist supporters will see him calling black protesters terrorists and approve.

    4)  They have no membership list, so you can pretty much blame anyone you don't like for being a member of antifa.  Even if they never had a presence in your state  Easy peasy.

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  • no they arent those are white supremacists

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  • 1 month ago

    Could you stop promoting this fear-mongering gibberish 

    Antifa disbanded in 2017/2018 and were exclusively located in Portland, Oregon.

    Besides that how would setting residential homes help protest the Police, our judicial system, the billionaires that help support it and Donald J. Trump?

    Evidence shows that outside of the police & judicial related properties and billion dollar businesses (Target) the property destruction was caused by the cops and Alt-Right White Supremacist groups posing as Antifa trying to make the rioters look bad to which so far they've arrested the CNN Journalist, shot a rubber bullet into the eye of another journalist causing her to lose that eye, lit the Autozone on fire, attacked the CNN Headquarters, tear gassed news reporters, opening car doors of black couples tazing them then slashed their tires before arresting them all for driving down the F'kin road, ran over protesters, shoved protesters unprovoked, ran over protesters on horseback, barricading protesters in parks to make sure they can't leave then arresting them when it passes the established curfew, storming medical tents and shot nurses, shoving elderly people with canes, firing paint rounds at people who were standing on their front porch simply because the people did not get inside the house when ordered to, arresting photographer, killing unarmed protesters, etc.

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