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Wireless network name appearing with a number (40)?

I've been noticing that a number has been attaching itself with the name of wireless network.

Additional details: 

-The number only appears visible when hovering the wifi icon in the task bar, and not when viewing available networks (see screenshot). -The number also has been changing (increasing) intermittently although I have not seen any visible patterns as to why. - I sometimes use a VM (NAT settings)- I noticed that when I changed the name of the Wireless network on my router page the number increased to 41, but reverted back to 40 when I changed back to my old name.

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    The number is a suffix to the name of the connection profile in Windows, not the SSID. If you've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for your wireless card several times, for example, you'll end up with sequential versions of the same name.

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