Can almond milk/ any nut milk and soya milk be fine one day but then turn bad overnight? They’ve all been open for over a week now.?

Used every day. Checked today- they don’t smell sour or taste bad to my nature or have clumps or anything but my oatmeal this morning tasted quite off. Oats smell and are fine though. Idk what’s happened but I ate it all and now I feel a tad queezy. Do nut milks just turn bad in a day? Yesterday I diddnt get I’ll from them.

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    Well was it stored on the counter at room temperature over night, or the fridge? Should be OK for at least a week once opened. Shelf stable nut milks need to go on the fridge once their opened. And the cold store versions once opened, normally have printed on the cartons to use within 7 to 10 days depending on the maker. Fresh home made nut milks will have a shorter shelf life since they don't have any preservatives. 

    All bets are off if someone drinks direct from the carton. 

    When in doubt throw it out. Puffed out carton means there is growing bacteria in the carton. If after shaking there are clumps or separation, toss it. 

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