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Is this a sensory issue?

I'm autistic, and have been struggling with the thoughts of becoming vegan lately, but because I've been a meat eater all my life and I don't think I could cope with becoming vegan because of the massive change? I don't like the look of some foods, and I always say that I don't want to try something new whenever I ask what a family member is eating and then they tell me and ask if I wanna try something then I always say no, and sometimes looks and smells of foods do put me off? But either way I've been told that me not going vegan is nothing to be ashamed of, because both children and adults who are autistic struggle with changes? And just thinking about it causes me huge distress so don't think I'd be able to cope anyway :/

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    I am not saying anything here to be mean, but to be honest~ if you are not willing to try new foods that are going to have flavors and textures outside of what you think you are capable of eating, you are not going to be able to be vegan. BUT~ if you are going to give it an honest try, then write down the list of foods that you will eat, and have someone help you with finding a food that would have a similar texture, and see if you can eat it. So if you are ok with crunchy foods like Lays potato chips, see how you get on with crunchy vegetables like raw carrots or celery. If you are ok with soft foods like puddings, see how you make out with a fruit smoothie like pineapple/mango or banana/strawberry. The thing is you will HAVE TO COMMIT and you will HAVE TO EAT these foods to really know if you can change to veganism. You can't just smell it or look at it and judge that way. And you will need to do a lot of research on how to make sure you have a very well balanced diet so that you are getting all the nutrients you need to stay healty, and that typically means a very wide variety of fruits and veggies, along with possibly some suppliments to go with it. If you try, and it doesn't work out for you, then fair enough, there is no shame in eating the way you are now, but you have to be committed to the whole process if you want to be a true vegan.

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    All my life since a young age people thought I was autistic I still haven't got a diagnosis but even doctors at a psychiatric hospital and a therapist in hospital thought I had it. Anyway I have almost every symptom and have since I was three. I went vegan at 14 years old and after I saw a slaughterhouse video and after that the texture of meat made me gag. I couldn't eat it. I mean it was weird all I could think about was blood and I couldn't lsychically eat it. You could go vegan if you think about as what it is then you'll be put off. I cant eat certain things they made me feel sick and I felt weird I cant explain it but it's very weird. It's normal for me though. I know certain foods are hard to eat. I struggle with changes too if my plan gets ruined I get very stressed but it's easier than it seems going vegan. I no longer am vegan but now I eat meat. I could never go vegan again because I'm set in my ways now but you could try if you want to. It is possible,e. Good luck

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    If you do decide to go vegan, do your research. You need to ensure that you get what you need to maintain a healthy body and mind. I started slowly when I gave up meat, but that was forty years ago and much more difficult. Obviously I missed things I had enjoyed but people go vegan despite the sensory changes involved rather than because of them in the whole. It does take some sacrifice and discipline, but we get used to new ways of life. look up the vegan web sites.  Good luck!

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