How do I determine whether to pay class 2 or class 3 voluntary national insurance contributions if living in the EU?

I have a property in the UK, permanent residency etc. and have lived abroad due to medical treatment reasons, but have not been paying NI contributions since leaving the job in August 2018. I meet all the criteria to pay voluntary contributions to fill the gap, up until leaving the job and the UK I was employed for at least 3 years and so on and the question is, how is it determined whether to pay class 2 or class 3 contributions? I meet all the criteria to pay class 2, but for example how are class 3 contributions calculated? I am ill and living abroad, not working, not getting any benefits, just my family take care of me. Thanks for any help

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  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    I looked it up for you. Class 2 is for the self employed.

    Class 3 is voluntary contributions, this is the one you need if not working. You can arrange a D D, 

    Look it up online as I did.


    • Fako1 month agoReport

      Thanks, I had looked it all up before, so I had known what you have typed here, but class 2 are for those living abroad as well as self employed and also class 2 and class 3 can be paid voluntarily, so I need some further advice. But thanks for trying and replying :)

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