Do Conservatives believe in tariffs?

Do Conservatives believe in tariffs when it comes to trade or is that just the left?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    It really depends on the conservative.  Some conservatives support free marketeerism and some protectionism.  I am a conservative, but also an isolationist and protectionist, so I believe we basic essentials, such as healthcare products, 95-100% of manufacturing, enough food to feed the native population, etc., should be produced in America.  Protectionism also means to protect American businesses, which requires tariffs.  Tariffs are usually applied to produced goods, not necessarily the raw materials such as oil, sugar and metals.  I disagree with Trump's steel tariff, for example.  Isolationism makes our nation more self-reliant, better prepared for disasters, and it helps preserve the social fabric by protecting American jobs.

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