Would it be unprofessional for me to ask the doctor I work for for medical advice?

So I've been working for an endocrinologist as an administrator for about a week now and it's been going very well but we still don't know each other very well yet. I'm not diabetic but I have a medical condition called PCOS that really messes with my blood sugar and gluclose and heavily affects my life. I just moved to the area not long ago and I've been referred to a new gynecologist that I'm going to see for the first time soon, but not an endo. I've been wanting to see an endocrinologist for a long time because my blood sugar has made me feel like absolute **** for the longest time and I'm in the dark as to how to treat that aspect of my condition and I'm not on any meds for that. Now that I work so closely with an endo, I feel like that's the perfect time to get some advice. However, I'm concerned that I'd come off as unprofessional and I'm not too eager to have my new boss know in-depth about my medical problems. Either way, I'm still going to look into going to a separate endo who has a chart of my medical history and who I don't feel I have to censor myself for, but Idk how long that will take. In the meantime, would it be a bad idea to talk to my boss?

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  • 5 months ago
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    You have only been there a very short time, so, yes, its way to early to ask for free medical advice, as well as a bad idea. It puts the whole practice on the spot and you do not really want your medical records in a place you work.  I can tell you, honestly, getting asked for free advice gets annoying, (unless its a really simple thing, not a complex medical problem); BUT  do ask for a referral from him, he should give you 1 or 2 because you should get a good fit. 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Kind of early to ask for free advice.  How much is a visit to one?  Maybe a few hundred?

  • Tavy
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    5 months ago

    Very bad idea, bosses don't want to know your medical problems, he might think you only took the job to get free medical advice and treatment.

  • 5 months ago

    Yes - doctors spend their life fending off solicitations for free medical advice.  You might be OK to ask him if he can recommend a good doctor for your problem and see where it goes from there.

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