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Sexual Harassment?

I'm 16, and I was speaking sexually about someone of the same age to another person (this person was 18). Now, this conversation was done in complete privacy, and the other person actually initially mentioned the boy and I said he was good looking, the boy I was talking to then contacts the boy I was talking about and they devise a plan in order to try and get me to say sexual things about him in order to 'catch me out' (this is what he told me). I then did proceed to talk sexually (stating sexual acts etc) and now the boy has allegedly reported me to the police for 'sexual harassment', as I say - this conversation was done in complete privacy and, based on the conversation we had alone, the third party was also doing it too despite not meaning it. Would the police do anything about this or would they just tell him to block me? (I've now deleted my account).

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    2 months ago

    Ask your parents what to do.  It's better than asking random strangers on the internet.

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