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Is he losing interest in me?

I've been talking to this guy for a week. He was the one that made a move first through instagram - practically all over me, complimenting me and showing real interest in my life. He asked for my number a couple of days later. After texting for a couple of days, the frequent replies began to tail off. One day he apologised for not replying for 3hrs because he was with a friend - this is fine. The next day he was helping his brother with something - this is also fine. But the last couple of day's he's been really absent with no justification as to why. He will also post online but not reply to me (he now sends about 3 messages a day tops when he used to send around 10). This is obviously a big sign someone isn't interested. 

HOWEVER....when he does reply he's still putting in so much effort. We literally reply with essays to each other and he seems super interested based on these replies, just the sudden change in response time with no justification seems like a red flag to me? I'm getting such mixed messages because of this. We even planned so many date ideas for when we're back in the same city, and while I know i've only been speaking to him for a week, we get on ridiculously well and I can actually see myself being with this guy. It's just upsetting me because it's a month til we're both back in the same place and I don't want it to die out before then!PS. I don't usually care about slow replies, I get people have lives - it just feels like a big turnaround.

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    You keep using the phrase "with no justification". It sounds as though the guy has other things going on in his life. You can't expect someone to be available all the time just so you can be entertained by him. Most likely when the two of you started this online situation he was on lockdown just like everyone else. In most areas, this has been lifted somewhat and he now is busy with his life. If you start making an issue over the change in frequency of his messages or calls he'll probably decide that he has made a mistake and abandon the situation altogether.

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