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How do you get a scholarship to get into rehab?

I’m 21 and addicted to opiates, I have been ready to quit for a while but the withdrawal is too painful to do on my own. I have state insurance (Medicaid) in Connecticut but all of the detox centers that accept Medicaid are booked out for weeks. Im wondering how people get scholarships/grants to get into private funded rehabs, would I need someone to refer me like my counselor? Where can I apply? 

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    Perhaps there is an outpatient detox facility that accepts Medicaid (?)  If one has Medicaid, for instance, I'm not sure if he or she would be eligible for "charity care" or community funding for a detox center.

    There may be a local outpatient methadone clinic, however, it's apparently basically substituting one drug for another.  However, perhaps until getting a place in a detox facility and/or rehab program, that may be an option.

    This website should have a listing of detox facilities and/or rehab programs, which may include outpatient detox (and/or "general" mental health programs):

    Their toll-free 24/7 ** referral ** hotline:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357).

    The other respondent made a good point about talking with one's family doctor or an addiction medicine physician, such as for meds that may *help* with the detox process, for instance.

    To possibly find a local addiction medicine specialist, the American Board of Addiction Medicine has a "search" for ABAM-certified physicians:

    ** If you want to contact me through "yahoo answers" private message system, I can let you know of some programs that showed up on the website.  

    This website has more general info for those with addiction issues, which includes "opiate addiction" and a topic in that web page is "managing withdrawal symptoms," such as with certain meds (though, for informational purposes):

    In addition to detox and/or rehab, please consider a free 12-step program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  One may attend an "open" AA meeting if there is no drinking problem.  (Such meetings may be online these days.)

    Here is their website:

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    I know that you are in a bad situation, you can't do that but I feel your pain strongly if you are poor like me switch to a less stigmatized/potentially less harmful alternative.

    Switch to kratom. Or find something that is similar and has easy access.

    I was drinking alcohol a lot and my psychiatrist got super pissed and threatened to terminate me but, I just switched to Kava, has similar feels to alcohol and they just think it's herbal tea but it fills in that void.

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    I want to tell you about two people with expert knowledge of opioid withdrawal.

    Research scholar Travis Rieder of Johns Hopkins University wrote the book In Pain about his experience with pain, addiction to opioid painkillers, and withdrawal. His book exposes the lousy job doctors are doing with this problem.

    NPR interview

    He says the best advice he found is in this CDC guide, and he says that recent research supports even more gradual withdrawal.

    William Miller of the University of New Mexico is one of the world's leading experts on the problem of addiction. He was interviewed for the expose of rehab facilities on John Oliver's HBO series. The great majority of these places are expensive scams - useless.

    Youtube thumbnail


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    YOU will have to do the research work on this yourself.

    Find private-for profit detox centers and telephone their intake department and ask.

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    5 months ago

    You have been cruelly treated, beyond your own foolishness.

    Detox is a Fraud, A sham to protect the Celebrity, and A money siphon for the operators.

    Go to any hospital that has a mental ward. they can help you.

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    There are not any "scholarships/grants" that is for academics.  This is going to be tough because medicaid is very limited in where it is accepted and most private rehab clinics dont take on "free" cases. I would start with your doctor or addiction specialist; they can probably put you on meds to facilitate withdrawals. It will take a MD to prescribe methadone for example.

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