If an unmarried person can legally change their name in court then why are boys even called jr when named after their fathers?

Also girls change their last name not first name when married so therefore they can still be named jr because when a parent and child have the same name it can be pretty confusing unless they are called by their first and last name.

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    4 months ago
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    being unmarried has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not a person can legally change his or her name. the only stumbling block to changing one's name is being old enough to make the decision to do so and having the funds to pay for the service. that's it. if you're not a minor and you have $125, you can get it done in the US. 

    sometimes it's annoying having the same name as a parent - it can certainly cause confusion - phone calls and mail get mixed up, but there are ways around it, some more acceptable and agreeable than others. 

    the most famous story is from one of those advice columnists - Dear Abby or Ann Landers who warned against it back in the 50s or 60s. Her husband's name was William and they named their eldest son William Jr. In the beginning, it was fine - the husband was "Bill" and the son "Billy", but over time Billy wanted to be called Bill too so they switched to "Big Bill" and "Little Bill" which was also fine until "Little Bill" came to be bigger than "Big Bill." Then it was "Young Bill" and "Old Bill", and I'm sure you can imagine that "Old Bill" liked being called old in his early 40s. 

    But people don't change their names for any old reason. Most do it because they feel compelled to do it. The names our parents give us usually mean something. And most people don't take that lightly and wouldn't want to erase that meaning or shun tradition or disrespect their mother and father by changing their name. If you don't have a good, sensible, logical reason to do it, it's really not worth doing. 

    And many women in Western countries are finding it increasingly difficult to adopt their husband's name without doing it legally and going through the formal procedure to have it done officially. In the past, a married woman could begin using her husband's name without any fuss, but these days, it's harder, and because people marry later in life, some women are already established when they get married - they already have a career, and so wish to retain their professional or maiden name. 

    Some daughters are named after their mothers, but that's much less common, at least in Western culture. I can only think of one person I know named after her mother and they decided to handle the inherent confusion by using different forms - the mother was "Victoria" and the daughter always called herself "Vicki." I've known thousands of people in my lifetime and that is literally the only instance I can point to of a daughter with the same first name as her mother. It's not really a big issue that affects lots of people. 

    Juniors and Seniors can get by using diminutives or nicknames, it's not the end of the world. 

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    4 months ago

    Anyone can change their name, married or unmarried, male or female.

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    NONE of the issues are related.

    Legally, I could name my child, if I had one, George Smith Jr.

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