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Would you buy this USA lottery ticket(It does not exist)?

You give the store clerk a dollar.  They push a button on the existing lottery terminal and you get  receipt that says winner or loser(And the amount won).  No thought or mistakes is involved in this electronic instant ticket.  You would cash it in, like any other lottery product(oops, you would have to be able to know how to read)

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    This already exists in a form known as "Instaplay" tickets, which serves as a "Scratchless" scratch ticket.

    You just review the ticket after it's printed to see if you won & redeem it like a normal ticket (payout limitations at the game kiosk still apply, so generally anything over $100 must be redeemed at a lottery office or mailed in to claim your prize).  The main reason why a paper ticket is printed here is that the lottery commissions require a proof & a paper trail for winnings.

    If you eliminate the paper ticket altogether, you effectively created a form of slot machine & is no longer under the jurisdiction of the lottery commission (it falls upon the state's gaming commission & business would require a gaming license to operate them).

  • 4 months ago

    No, I wouldn't buy it - for the same reason I don't spend money on any lottery games: I can do math, and I understand what negative expected value means.

    The lottery exists for the sole purpose of raising money for state & local governments. The only way they can raise money running a lottery is to make sure the odds & payouts of each game are carefully structured to ensure they take in more money than they pay out in prizes. In other words, they have a house edge.

    So I'm sure that your proposed game would have odds & prizes structured to ensure that a good portion of the money from sales goes to the government and not back to players.

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    4 months ago

    Instant scratch tickets are somewhat the same thing but a little  more entertaining

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  • 4 months ago

    Assuming you are talking about a game which, like other USA lottery games, only pays out about 50% of what it takes in I probably would not buy it for a couple of reasons.

    (1) There is less entertainment value than the traditional lottery games.

    (2) There is a higher probability of fraud. A  clerk could have a losing ticket sitting beside the lottery terminal. When the clerk prints out the ticket from your dollar the clerk could see if it was a winner and, if it was, simply give you the losing ticket and keep the winning ticket.

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