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In martial arts is it bad for a parent to talk to the instructor about belt promotions? I know students shouldn’t but is it okay for parents?

To bring it up?


I agree I hate the belt system. It means so much to kids(teens and adults manage better) and rank does impact which classes they can take. After COVID-19 Closings I am afraid they will forget about students due to be ranked up and moved into a more advanced class. The other lovely thing with belts is when you move you can wait a while to get ranked. If rank didn’t dictate your class it would be different. But kids get bored in beginner classes forever.

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    It depends on what you are asking. Most parents would like to know what the kid should know, when is the test, how long is the test. Another in some is how often the child should be tested.

    I have never asked when i was to test. I was always told ahead of time when i would be tested.

    I personally do not think it is bad it is just what you want to ask can be. Let the instructor judge WHEN the student is ready to test.

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    Don't you just love the color belt system, it the most brilliant invention in the martial arts world :]

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    I don't know who you told you a student should not talk about belt promotions, but that is just plain non-sense. And why shouldn't a parent talk to the instructor about belt testing when they the parents are paying for it?

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