What should I do with this coworker of mine? Whom seem to have an habit of cutting of his coworkers task?

Recently I applied at Jamba Juice to make ends meet. I currently 2 week in, and still managing to learn the smoothies recipe. Honestly, I am willing to train hard and get smoothies memorize before summer hit. My store is completely slow but in a short week it will be back to normal hours and summer is round the corner. However, there is this one coworker, that seem likely has a target for new peeps, and I am one of them. Yes, obviously there is always got to be that one coworker you will end up facing. Understandably Jamba is a teamwork effort, I don't define on this particular one coworker of mine. Here is the case: He is at the register taking a customer, I am on the Juice section, Ice-cream/fruits, and blending area to pour. As I am looking at the chart, I scoop the yogurts, then I as about to scoop fruit out of the dip box, this coworker decide to come over and scoops the fruit then blends. Okay, knowing he is assign at register, why bother come over to my section. What should I do? I mean i know I am new and don't want to get into argument. The fact is "How am I going to learn if this coworker tends to bump in my area", am I correct? The way I see it his ego is high. Like all I want to do learn but this coworker just seem to do everything his way. Please help any advise. Not to mention, I am very close to the GM. 

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  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    Just do your job. If it gets worse question Him first. If it doesn't get batter Then talk to the manager. 

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