Why isn't brother so vile towards me?? ?

Sometimeshes a nice guy but he treats me like **** & every guy I date he treats them like garbage. My fiance & I were together 8 years& he never once spoke to him. My fiance would say hello & he would walk right past him. His friend and I got together once & my brother text to say "you are ******* dead to me" and he ignored me for months!! My father has arthritis at the moment and is depressed now and again so as my mother is with him 24 hours, she some times stays at mine for a Friday (very rarely) my brother lives with my parents. But if I take my mother out for a walk, my brother screams "she can't go out, what if father fell, you selfish *****" that's how he is. But he's there and she hardly ever goes out because my dad sits all the time.Last night my father wasn't feeling well do my brother rang me 22times in two minutes (I was asleep) then drove to my house at 8am. When I opened the door, he yelled "I ******* rang u 22times, answer ur ******* phone, where's mother?" So I said she's asleep and he screamed "******* get her up now, father's not feeling well & turn your ******* phone on" then drove off so I had to take her home even though he could have because he lives there. This was 8am on my doorstop. Now I've started seeing a lovely guy and it's going great, we are good together & I don't want him to ever meet my brother ever! I live my own life and I want him to stay away from me.

I have to do all the shopping, running around and errands for them because he won't.

2 Answers

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    maybe you need to ask your brother this question

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Lol, the kind siblings rarely have each other do they?  I'm one heck of a nice brother, but mine doesn't see it.

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