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How does one become a diagnostician?

Not interested myself, just curious. Watching House MD (such a great show!) and I was curious as to whether they take fellowships to specialize or exactly what they did to become one.

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    The term "medical diagnostician" is not yet recognized by the American Medical Association...

    ...Go to medical school. Focus on coursework that lends itself to medical diagnostics, such as radiology and pathology. You can narrow your specialization even further after exploring some of the more basic classes.

    Next, you'll need to apply for a medical internship. This is a practical learning position that is necessary prior to residency. Look for an internship in a department that will give you experience in diagnostic work and will provide additional insight into narrowing down your chosen specialty.

    Begin your three-year residency. During this time, you will be practicing medicine as a doctor, but you will need to obtain clearance on final medical decisions from a supervising physician.

    Pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), Step 3. You will need to pass this examination in order to receive your medical license, and it is taken during your residency. The application process for the USMLE is different for each state.

    Get board certified in your specialty area through either the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Medical Association. There is no specific medical diagnostician certification. However, becoming certified in your closely related field of choice will be sufficient in providing you the credentials to work in a medical facility diagnostics department.

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