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Worst parts about the military (outside of combat)?

So I'm thinking about joining the US army as an infantryman.  Hopefully 11b over 11c.

But it seems like there are many people in the military who dislike it.  And I know infantry is in someways tough.

So OUTSIDE of combat.  Why is the military so bad and hard and tough and shitty?

OUTSIDE of combat, what are the worst things about the military?

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  • 1 month ago

    Whatever the person makes of it just like any job.

    Some things the military give harsher punishments for doing than most other jobs.

    Yes you might often be away from home (well unless you are in the reserves/national guard).

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  • 1 month ago

    Sometimes long hours, at inconvenient times, and being separated from you family, often for long periods of time.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The pay.

    Privates First Class are the workforce of the US Army, comprising the most populous rank across the organization.

    They make about $13 / hour. 

    You can make more at McDonalds and not have to worry about being shot at.

    If you are going to join the military you're much better off doing ROTC and becoming an officer.  And just about any specialty is better than infantry.  I would also argue that the Air Force is the best branch to join but they also have the highest entrance standards.

    • Blake1 month agoReport

      You can do both enlisted and comissioned.

      Some ROTC candidates have experience as enlisted.

      Many lieutenants have experience as enlisted soldiers.

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