Troy asked in HealthOptical · 2 months ago

Vision problem need an answer!.?

I get really blurry vision sometimes sitting on my phone for 12 hours high on drugs without a break but I noticed my screen gets blurry I can close or only use one eye and my screen is crystal clear in that eye and same goes with the other eye but and if i go right up close like a few centimeters from the screen my vision will clear up for both eyes mind you this has been a pattern sometimes ill have blurry vision for a couple days sometimes every time I'm high for a week and then they won't be blurry for awhile high or not its been on and off and really no way of telling what is causing it it just happened once and then stopped and happened again and was worse and now it doesn't happen that often as it did a month ago but when it does my vision is blurry as **** and sometimes when I try to look at my screen and focus my eyes it feels like my brain is perceiving non existent eyes and my eyes sometimes roll slightly trying to focus it feels like my brain is getting confused or something please help me give me the names of conditions you think it may be tips on how to help keep your eyes healthy or any info really please help 

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