Any tips to lessen pain from prolonged standing and walking ?

I just started working as a busser, and I was wondering if there was anything I can do to lessen the pain on my feet. I work 7-8 hours, I’m not sure my schedule just yet but I believe it’s Friday-Monday. We can’t take breaks (in my state, it’s not required to give part-timers breaks) and we can’t sit down.

For other info, I’m a minor (15). I’ve worked one other job, but it amenity maintenance. 

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  • 4 months ago
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    I would double check laws.  Sincw you are a minor, I am pretty sure you are required to take a break.

    You need good, supportive shoes tho, or some inserts.

  • 3 months ago

    You should wear Asics, Brooks or Saucony. Those are the three usual Doctor recommended. I went to my Dr. asking for advice and if theres anything wrong with my feet, she didn't really examine me, but that was her advice. It helped a little with better shoes, but by then my feet were so damaged. I started out like you, standing 10+ hours a shift on my first job, then I would work doubles and overtime, and at a time 18-22 hours a day with no days off. My feet hurt so bad I couldn't stand for long. I work primarily in the kitchen, and have met a guy who said he had a doctors note to wear one of those three brands (because his kitchen required non-slips) so get you a few good pairs of those brands above, switch out your shoes every day, or every other day, and rest your feet when you have the chance! 

    Another option is to use Dr.Scholl's brand shoe insoles. Invest in some real good ones tho. Again, I did this but the pain was only relived for like 2 hours, just because I had already overworked myself.

    I've searched online for pain relief, usually only finding questions and answers on actual foot problems such as bunions or arthritis, or bigger problems. I can say I'm lucky enough to not have any of this, and I'm sure you don't either. If the pain was really unbearable, I've seen comments on taking advil/tylenol. However I personally don't recommend it unless it was just too much pain, but then, you should probably be taking more time off. 

    NOW, the best thing that's worked for me, and instantly, (so I've boughten the epsom salts by Dr.Teal's, soaked my feet with extra epsom salts and longer then the posted time, with still.. not much relief! BUT this is whats worked best for me. 

    Get some plastic wrap, lay out a large sheet, sprinkle the epsom salts all over the plastic sheet(on the plastic wrap itself or a wet napkin). Put your foot down and sprinkle more epsoms salts, now wrap your foot with the plastic, having epsom salts totally covering your foot! I then put socks on over this. My feet are literally healed from the pain instantly (for walking and standing) at least better then anything else i've tried!!! It can be an annoying or irritating feel, but I just get used to it. Be mindful you'll have to wash it off with water or something tho. (I wore it to work like that once but after a few hours I wanted to remove it, it was a bit of a nuisance to remove without water because it's like getting sand out of your socks almost. )

    ALSO, like Nekkid Truth said, you really need to follow up on the rules and laws yourself. I've seen people use and lie to people, especially minors because they don't know any better, and are quite gullible. They should even have the laws for that subject posted in the restaurant visible for all workers to see. I just read something that only 20 states require meal breaks and ONLY 9 require rest breaks!!! WOW, thats brutal. If your in an unlucky state, I'm sorry lol. Move to California haha

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